Spielboden by The Capra

Mountain Restaurant Spielboden Saas-Fee

Discover a Stunning Location

Situated at an impressive altitude of 2,448m, Spielboden restaurant awaits you just a short 12-minute cable car ride away from the charming Spielboden village station. Prepare to be captivated by the awe-inspiring beauty that surrounds this remarkable spot.

A Rich History and Enduring Popularity

With its origins dating back to 1953, Spielboden restaurant was a labor of love, especially considering the absence of a cable car system in Saas-Fee at that time. Since its establishment, this cherished establishment has remained a beloved destination for both adventure-seeking tourists and locals alike, attracting visitors throughout the winter and summer seasons. During winter, the restaurant’s large sunny terrace invites you to soak up the sun while relishing a delicious lunch and beyond. In summer, you’ll encounter lively marmots scampering around the restaurant, eagerly accepting treats from visitors as they prepare for their hibernation.

We take pride in showcasing the true essence of each ingredient, bringing out its fullest potential in every dish.


In 2022, The Capra Hotel assumed management of Spielboden restaurant, aiming to create a unique and unforgettable dining experience amidst Saas-Fee’s majestic mountains. Our culinary focus at Spielboden revolves around quality and authenticity, offering delightful Alpine dishes made with locally sourced, seasonal, and sustainable ingredients. Complementing your meal, our extensive wine list showcases exceptional local wines from Valais, Switzerland’s esteemed wine-growing region. Relax in the warm and inviting atmosphere, while our dedicated team takes care of your every need, allowing you to savor the stunning views of Switzerland’s highest mountain peaks.

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